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Aging CCTV Camera
Source :VISTA | Times:2017/12/04 - 16:16 | Hits:837
Aging is the most improtant way to avoid and reduce CCTV products defective rate. There are 2 main parts for aging: The aging of main-board, and the aging of semi-finished cameras. The aging of sensor is our biggest advantage compared with other suppliers.
First: let us get a further understanding about sensor: (Charge coupled device) is a kind of special semi-conductor component, with many sensitive photographic elements mounted on the board, each element called one pixel. When the targeted object through the Lens focused on the chip, the photographic elements Like solar battery, will transform the light to electric charge. In the environment with constant temperature: 40 degree, and keep working 48hours with power supply. 
Second: semi-finished products testing and aging, our aging room can contain more than 1,000pcs cameras one time, with 4pcs hot plates on the ceiling to keep the constant temperature 40degree. Every semi-cameras also need to aging for 48hours, and keep working with continuous power supply. Please notice: CCTV camera with IR-cut function need one power supply control timer machine, regular QC check. After this two steps will make our products’ quality to work more stability, and the use-life will be longer. 

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